WWE 2K17 Review: Analyzing Updates to Universe Mode

WWE fans often critique what they see on television on a weekly basis, and some believe they can do a better job than those who actually book the show, which is a notion that can be put to the test with WWE 2K17’s Universe Mode.

Universe Mode has been a big part of the WWE 2K series in recent years due to gamers’ ability to make WWE all their own by setting the rosters, champions, feuds, matches and having control over essentially everything that goes into running WWE on a day-to-day basis.

While most of what has made Universe Mode so successful in past editions of the game returns in WWE 2K17, some important improvements were made that will allow players to enjoy the experience even more this time around.

Chief among them is the presence of three different save slots for Universe Mode. In the past there had always been only a single save slot, which forced players to start over if they wanted to take a different approach during the course of their Universe Mode.

That is no longer an issue as they can now have three unique Universe Modes running at the same time, which is a feature that encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking.

I personally enjoy booking a Universe Mode that somewhat closely follows what is happening in the actual world of WWE—or at the very least create a similar universe and book it the way I wish it would unfold on TV.

For as fun and fulfilling as that can be, there are times when a change of pace is needed, and the added save slots finally make that possible.

I’m a huge fan of early-1990’s wrestling, and I now have the ability to do a classic Universe Mode in addition to one set in the current WWE Universe.

Thanks to a deep roster that features tons of legends as well as plenty of classic belts and arenas, and the ability to customize even more thanks to the Creation Suite, it’s truly possible to make a Universe Mode set in any era over the course of wrestling history.

In addition to that, the Universe Mode interface looks much different than in years past, as seen in this photo courtesy of WWE 2K17:

Tomorrow we’ve got an extensive blog post on #WWE2K17’s UNIVERSE MODE at https://t.co/XTNK9QpWyk! Here’s a sneak peek! #RAW pic.twitter.com/JIAfp5ovJF

— WWE 2K17 (@WWEgames) September 27, 2016

The change is a positive one since it maximizes time by having everything needed to run a successful Universe Mode in one place.

There were times in past games where it was necessary to leave one menu for another in order to accomplish certain tasks, but that is no longer needed thanks to what is now a better organized Universe Mode.

Along with improvements in terms of practicality, the aesthetics are better as well thanks to tweaks such as displaying every champion on a particular brand:

Check out this detailed post on #WWE2K17’s Universe Mode! Let us know what you think! https://t.co/4HHE5C0w9w pic.twitter.com/wASQcaHOvP

— WWE 2K17 (@WWEgames) September 27, 2016

It is also now easier than ever before to create and follow through with rivalries in Universe Mode thanks to some key additions.

Chief among them is the new promo engine, which allows players to pick a Superstar and provides options regarding who they want to call out and what they want to say to a potential rival.

If the right things are said and the proper buttons are pushed, then something as simple as a promo can lead to the start of a long-running storyline.

Although the player has control over most aspects of Universe Mode, there can be some unexpected twists and turns as well, such as random run-ins during matches or reactions to winning or losing a match that aren’t necessarily bargained for.

Course can be reversed at any time if it doesn’t play out in an ideal way, but the surprise factor is a fun element since it plays into the anything-can-happen nature that makes WWE so enjoyable in real life.

Universe Mode allows gamers to be as hands-on or hands-off as they want to be, and that makes it an ideal game mode for anyone who purchases WWE 2K17.

It appeals to both hardcore and casual fans of WWE, and it is perhaps the biggest reason why WWE’s newest offering has so much replay value.

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